Friday, 31 July 2015

Bread pudding...

Bread pudding...
9 slices bread
2 cups milk
1 cup sweetened condensed milk
2 level tsp cornflour
1 tsp rose water
1 tsp orange blossom water
380g thick cream
1/4 cup chopped pistachios
1/4 cup chopped almond or flakes
1. Cut the sides off the bread and toast the bread slices well.
2. Mix the cornflour with a little cold milk and keep aside.
3. Boil the remaining milk with condensed milk. Add the cornflour mixture and let it boil till the milk becomes little thick.
4. Turn off the heat and pour in rose water and orange blossom water.
Pour a little milk mixture in a square dish.
Place the bread slices on top of the milk.
Pour little milk mix over the bread.
Spread half of the cream on top of this.
Sprinkle half of the pistachios and almonds each.
Pour a little milk mixture on top of this.
Place the bread, then little milk mix and then the cream.
Pour the remaining milk mixture, add the nuts and sprinkle rose water and jasmine water.
Refrigerate for a minimum of 4-5 hours or preferably overnight..
— with Noushida Nishi and 9 others.