Wednesday, 5 February 2014



Onion chutney (Vengaya chutney) recipe

Prep Time5 mins    |  Cook time: 10 mins    |  Serves3


Small onion(shallots), Chopped3/4 cup
Red chillies5
Tamarind2 pinches
Salt3/4 tsp

To Temper

Oil2 tsp
Mustard3/4 tsp
Urad dal1 tsp
Curry leaves1 sprig



  1. In a kadai add a tsp of oil fry red chillies and add peeled chopped small onion and fry until golden spots appear here and there. Cool down and grind to a smooth paste with little water,tamarind and salt.1-onion-chutney-recipe
  2. Heat oil in kadai and temper with the items given under ‘To temper’ table and pour the ground mix with little more water. (1/8 cup) Immediately switch off the stove and give a stir.2-onion-chutney

    • You can grind bit coarse too.
    • If you want you can add 2 tblsp of coconut along with this.
    • If you want, you can just fry the onion and add red chilli powder instead using the whole ones. This will give a bright red chutney.
               Serve with idli or best with godhuma dosai or else like me Nei podi dosai. Tastes heaven!


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