Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Chocolate cake


· Chocolate cake.. maida-250 sugar-250 Chocolate powder-250 baking powder -1tb sp salt-1/4 ts sp vanilla -1/4ts sp ethallam oru arippayilittu mix cheyyuka.......... 4egg, 100ml hot water,100ml veg oil.
Beat the 4 egg ,white part only....
Next,beat the yellow part of the egg and mix the mixture to it..
Then slowly mix the white part of egg to the mixture.....
Then keep the mixture of cake to the oven for 30 mins.
250g-evaporated milk
2-dairy milk(nuts)

Boil the evaporated(150g) milk and sugar. Pour this mixture to the cake after taking it from oven..
Then boil the balance evaporated milk and 2 dairy milk ...
Pour this mixture to the top of cake . Then keep the cake in the refrigerator. Then serve it...

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