Friday, 12 July 2013



Ingredients ----
• 1/2 kg fine rice flour
• 2 dsp of fine rice obtained while sieving
• Coconut-1
• Sugar-300 gm
• Cumin seeds-2dsp
• Yeast-1/4tsp (granules)

Method ----
Mix yeast in half cup of warm water and keep till it froths up. Boil the fine rice obtain while sieving in 1 cup of water till it is cooked and fairly thick. Mix these two with the rice flour and knead it soft. Add 2 cup of water to kneed the dough.Keep overnight. Next morning grind the coconut and cumin seeds and mix it with dough along with sugar. Keep it for two hours to rise. Add salt and cook. Cashew nuts, red cherries may be evenly sprinkled over the vattayappam before steaming.

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