Friday, 5 July 2013

Crab Curry

Crab Curry

Ingredients ----
• Crabs medium-6
• Turmeric powder-3 gm
• Salt to taste
• Black tamarind infused water-10 ml
• Oil-30 ml
• Mustard-3gm
• Curry leaves-a few
• Small onion slices-90 gm
• Dry chilli crushed- 10 gm
• Garlic-10 gm
• Ginger sliced-15 gm
• Coconut milk-2 cup
• Pepper crushed-5 gm

Method ----
Remove the top shell, clean, boil and keep aside. Boil the crab in turmeric , black tamarind water and salt. When the crabs turn orange in colour, transfer them into cold water(this helps the flesh to harden). Remove the shell and take the crab meat. Heat oil and saute mustard, curry leaves , small onion, chilli, garlic and pepper one by one. Add crab meat , saute until crisp. Add coconut milk. Remove from fire.
 — in Manama, Al Manamah.

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